Dexter's Somewhat Mediocre Page

3-03-03 Well, I haven't done any updating on this site since last August, that is, aside from the picture of the day. I have been keeping relatively up to date with my pictures, doing maybe three every three days or something like that. Until tonight, I was about a week and a half behind because a virus is eating my computer, and it screwed up my monitor in such a way that I was viewing in 256 colors and 640 x 480 resolution. I just fixed it (hopefully for good) earlier today, so I updated all of the pictures that I couldn't draw before. I have also decided that once I have finished 365 pictures, I will close the picture of the day and probably never update my site again, considering I will be in college by then, with many more better things to do with my time. More... More better... Well, maybe not. We'll see.
8-17-02 Five days ago, I did the big update, but I ran out of time before I could completely finish. Unfortunately, the last part that I wanted to do required a scanner, and mine just happened to stop working recently. So really there's nothing today, aside from me saying that I was gonna put pictures up here. Anyway, check these out:

RubberChicken85: hey [dexter], i like your pic of the day feature, its what makin me come back to your site every day
Cameron 6x7x8: [The picture that shows up only about 1 in 60] is pretty cool
juLze 9 1 4: i like the new updated website of yours...the layout is really cool and stuff

Now if that doesn't boost my self esteem, I don't know what will.
8-13-02 Well, I had the site done yesterday, but Freeservers has been down, so I couldn't upload it until today. And there is still five minutes left of today, so I'd better finish this up quick. And hey, look, the daily update thing is still going on. Who thought I'd actually do that? Not me, that's for sure. I give me a week or so.